A Better World Fund is a nonpolitical, nonsectarian, publicly supported endowment. Contributions to the endowment remain on permanent deposit. Interest income is distributed each year to worthwhile charities that are reviewed and evaluated for the quality of their programs, finances, management, fundraising, and governance. We have been an all-volunteer organization since our founding.  Our expenses are minimal and funded by board member contributions. 

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Ron Jacobs,


“As an idealistic public school teacher working for a very modest salary in 1983 and wanting to help improve the world beyond my classroom in some small way, I invited several like-minded friends to form a volunteer working group. We organized a tax exempt charity and gradually began to build a small publicly supported endowment that generated annual interest income to be given as grants to worthwhile charities doing many kinds of good work in the world. A Better World Fund has continued to this day as an all-volunteer charity with no paid employees and minimal expenses, with a mission of helping to support various worthwhile charities whose projects are doing so much good in the world.”