About Allegra.

Allegra is a Gestalt psychotherapist in private practice on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. She has had the great joy of helping people of all ages discover themselves and their worlds, whether through community educational organizations, museums, schools, or through the therapeutic relationship. She holds a BA in Poetry and Writing from The New School, an MS.Ed in Museum Education from Bank Street College of Education, and an MSW from The Silver School of Social Work at NYU. She is a native New Yorker and deeply committed to social justice issues.

"When I was invited to join A Better World Fund’s Board, I was thrilled. Although helping, building, and growing can happen in many ways, this small and passionate group represents what real people-power can do. We as Board members represent varied sectors, backgrounds, and focuses. This richness makes A Better World Fund unique and impactful. We address these seven areas because taking care of each other and our Earth is the way to a better world."